We love to hear from donors on why they donate the gift of life and from our patients and their families about how blood has impacted their lives. Here are some testimonials from community members within our Greater Grand Forks area.

Kirsten – Patient

Kirsten, like millions of people, has received a life-saving blood donation. Kirsten has an auto-immune disease that keeps her needing donors like YOU to donate blood.

“I have multiple autoimmune diseases that often conflict and cause life-threatening issues. There are times when my life depends on local Blood Banks to provide platelets and blood donations. I am so thankful to the people who donate, because without donations, I wouldn’t be here to help others.”

–Kirsten Gudgeon Administrative Assistant, UND

Jill – Donor

Jill feels honored to be helping the Grand Forks community by donating blood.

“Being O-Negative, I feel honored to be able to help save lives and give back to the Grand Forks community by donating blood.”

– Jill Jorge Grand Forks Community Member

Daxton – Patient

Blood donations help kids like Daxton! By the time he was 9 years old he had already had four open heart procedures needing blood transfusions each time, the first one just a few days after he was born. He was born with Fallot of pulmonary atresia and blood donors saved his life each time he went in for surgery. Dax is now 11 years old, living a very happy and healthy life thanks to generous donors.

Sayjen – Donor

“It’s a way to give something of myself to someone else who needs it.”

– Sayjen Aldridge Director of Communication at Hope Church

Morgan – Donor

“Donating is something I’ve always felt really passionate about because of working in the healthcare system. I see every day how important it is that our residents get the proper care and treatment that they need and by just taking a little time out of my day and donating, I can help save the lives of others who are deeply in need.”

-Morgan Hodgson Assistant Executive Director, Edgewood Vista

Bella – Donor

Bella is currently a senior at Sacred Heart in East Grand Forks. She donates blood as a way to help others in her community.

“I donate blood because it is essential to live life and without it someone might not have a chance to live. Donating helps me help others.”

– Bella Haas Sacred Heart Class of 2020

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